Age Details

Age Details

Why do I have to be between 18-55 years old to take the vision test?

Throughout our whole life, the health of our eyes and health is very important. To ensure our users' safety, we enforce an age window of 18-55 for all participants of our online vision test.

For those under 18, we want to ensure that parental consent is given when taking the vision test so to protect our customers, we require that the minimum age of our participants is 18 years old.

Once we reach the age of 55, there is an increasing likelihood of eye and health conditions, and our eye needs go beyond just how well we are seeing. Because we want to ensure that our patients' health is at its best, we recommend that those over 55 see a doctor in-person to ensure that any of these health conditions that we acquire as we get older are not missed.

We are exploring ways to expand to the 55+ population and we will be sure to announce if we expand our capabilities to a wider age range!