Contact Lenses Without Prescription

Contact Lenses Without Prescription

One of the most common questions regarding contacts is: Where can I buy contact lenses without a prescription? If you’re living in the Canada, you can order contact lenses online without submitting your Rx. As long as you’re happy that your current prescription is correct, you can buy contact lenses from Fresh Lens. We know that some people are not comfortable with providing their Optician’s contact info because they would rather their Optician not know they’re ordering their contact lenses for a cheaper price online.

For individuals in the USA, we have partnered up with an Online RX renewal service and we will provide you a valid prescription with just 6 minutes of your time. We will be providing this service for FREE on orders over $200 or for just $30 for any orders below $200. 

We are very excited for this new addition and the ability to provide this to our customers!

You can find also your prescription on your existing contact lenses box or one you received from your eye doctor and simply pick your prescription options on each of our product pages. It’s important to be fitted for contact lenses by an eye care professional and ensure your prescription is accurate for comfort, perfect vision and your overall eye health. Fresh Lens stocks the exact same brands and products that you can find in your local Optician’s office and we source all of our products directly from trusted manufacturers meaning you can be assured that we sell the best contact lenses for the best prices.


You Have a Right to your Contact Lens Prescription

Thanks to the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, after your contact lens exam, the doctor must give you your contact lens prescription even if you don’t ask for it. This law is actually in place to help you as the consumer because with your prescription in tow, you can buy your contacts at a fine contact lens store like ours!. If say, Fresh Lens, your favorite purveyor of contact lenses in Canada, wants to verify your prescription on your behalf, the prescribing professional must respond to our contact lens verification request within eight business hours. If they don’t answer in that time frame, it’s considered verified and we fill your order. If you already have a current prescription simply use our prescription selectors on the product page of the contact lenses you want to buy and simply place your order.

Want to Order Our Canadian Contact Lenses? We Make it Easy and Affordable

Since contact lens sellers are required to keep all prescriptions and verification requests on file, once you submit your prescription to us, you’re good to go. When it comes time for you to get a new batch of lenses, we let you order your contacts online without sending your prescription again. Plus, since you’re buying contacts lenses from Fresh Lens and not directly from your eye care professional, you’ll be saving big bucks in the long run. Now you don’t just have healthy eyes with good vision, you have more money in your pocket too!