Renew Contact Prescription Online FREE (REVAMP)

Only for customers in the USA. Not applicable for Canada.

Renew Your Contacts Prescriptions
Online For Free*

*$15 or Free on orders over $200


Renew your vision prescription using our online vision test. It takes about 6 minutes and most prescriptions are issued within 2 hours.​

How it Works


You take the test online

You’ll need your phone, your computer, and 10 feet of space. The test takes about 6 minutes to complete.


A doctor reviews your results

A licensed optometrist or opthalmologist in your region will review and dispense your results.


Use your results to see visibly

Access your results anywhere and anytime through our online portal.

Take our test,
Renew your Rx.

We know you’re busy. So we’ve made prescription renewal easy: take our online vision test at any time from the comfort of your home.

Our test is all you need to get a renewed vision prescription. The test will take about 6 minutes and over 90% of our prescriptions are issued in under 24 hours.



Take your eye exam from the comfort of your home. It takes about 6 minutes.


Access your prescription through your device anywhere and at any time.

Doctor Approved

All prescriptions are issued by an eye care professional licensed in your state.


You’ll need:

  • 10 feet of space
  • A mobile device and/or computer or tablet display
  • Your prescription for your current correction

You’ll be wearing your current correction throughout the test.

There are certain age, location, and vision health requirements to qualify for taking our vision test.
In general, in order to be eligible for Visibly’s online vision test you must:

You can learn about our service in more detail by reading our Device Information when starting your test.

Our test helps you renew your glasses or contacts prescription from home by evaluating your visual acuity in your current correction and sending the results for review by a licensed doctor in your state.
It’s best suited for people whose vision has not changed, have recently completed a comprehensive eye exam, and are:

  • Looking to renew an expired prescription, or
  • Looking to purchase glasses or contacts

If our test detects that your vision has changed we will not renew your prescription and recommend that you see an in-person doctor.

The Visibly Digital Acuity Product does not perform or replace an initial eye examination. Consult an eye care professional if you have not previously had an eye examination.

The Visibly Digital Acuity Product does not perform or replace a comprehensive eye examination, nor does it assess eye health. Consult an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye examination yearly or any time you are experiencing pain or discomfort. This test is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure disease.