eye blurry after taking out contacts

Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurry Vision with Contacts?

eye blurry after taking out contacts

Are you squinting at the screen, frustrated, wondering, can dry eyes cause blurry vision with contacts? Don't worry. We're here to help. The straightforward answer is yes, dry eyes can absolutely lead to blurred vision when using contacts.ย 

While dry eyes can often significantly reduce clarity, they are just one piece of the puzzle. Other factors, such as lens cleanliness, an outdated prescription, or dry contacts, can also influence the clarity of your vision.

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of vision clarity ensures that we can address and manage each aspect effectively.

In this article, we shed light on these common culprits, offering insights and solutions. After all, understanding these common causes is the first step to addressing and overcoming them.

Common Causes of Blurry Vision While Wearing Contacts

Donning contact lenses should ideally bring the world into sharp focus, yet there are times when wearers might encounter unexpected blurriness. Puzzling as it may be, this phenomenon often has a straightforward explanation.

From the moisture levels in our eyes, signified by dry eyes or even dry contacts, to more practical matters like an outdated prescription or the cleanliness of the lenses themselves, several factors can contribute to cloudy vision.

eyes blurry after taking contacts out

Dry Eyes

The sensation of dry eyes, while seemingly straightforward, is a multi-faceted issue that many contact lens wearers might encounter. Our findings show that dry eyes occur when our eyes aren't sufficiently lubricated, either due to reduced tear production or rapid tear evaporation.

While it's a naturally occurring phenomenon for some, for others, it might be a result of factors such as prolonged screen time, certain medications, or even changes in the environment.

Simple measures, like using over-the-counter eye drops, taking screen breaks, or adjusting room humidity, can alleviate these symptoms. Or perhaps it is time to try a pair of hydrating contact lenses or a set of color contacts for dry eyes.

eye cloudy after taking out contacts

There are many options available to suit your dry-eye needs. From Dailies lenses to Acuvue contacts, there is no shortage of contact brands to help bring you relief and visual clarity.

Dry Contacts

Just as our eyes require a certain level of moisture to function optimally, so too do our contact lenses.

When contact lenses lack this essential hydration, they tend to attach more tightly to the eye, causing discomfort and in some cases, a cloudy visual experience. This can occur due to various reasons: perhaps they were exposed to air for an extended period, or maybe the storage solution evaporated.

To remedy this, ensure your contacts are stored in a fresh solution. Keep the contact lens case tightly sealed, and occasionally use rewetting drops to keep them supple and clear.

Alternatively, the ultimate solution to guarantee relief is to switch to a pair of daily contact lenses. This is an option worth considering for those of you pondering the question are daily contacts better for dry eyes?

eyes blurry after taking out contacts

Outdated Prescription

Over time, our vision can undergo subtle shifts, often going unnoticed until we're trying to read that distant road sign or the fine print in a book. Drawing from our experience, we found that an outdated prescription is a common reason some contact lens wearers might experience blurriness.

As our eyes evolve, whether due to age, health, pregnancy or other factors, the lens that once granted us 20/20 vision might no longer be the ideal fit. Addressing this is as simple as having regular eye check-ups (especially when conveniently offered online).

Routine visits not only ensure that you're equipped with the most up-to-date prescription but also serve as a preventative measure for potential eye health concerns.

If all you need is a new pair of prescription lenses, we at Fresh Lens offer an online eye exam so you can renew your prescription and order your new lenses, all from the comfort of your home.

Dirty Lenses

As we go about our day, it's easy to forget that our contact lenses are exposed to an array of elements. Over time, microscopic particles from our surroundings or even proteins found in our tears can accumulate on our lenses. Our findings show that this can lead to blurry vision.

Dirty lenses, while often overlooked, can become a subtle veil that clouds our vision. The beauty is that, unlike many other challenges, the solution to dirty lenses is both simple and within our grasp.

took contacts out and eye is blurry

Adopting a diligent cleaning routine, using recommended solutions, and practicing good hand hygiene before handling lenses can make all the difference.


In your journey to achieve the clearest vision, addressing dry eyes and ensuring contacts remain sufficiently hydrated is key. Equally important is periodically updating your lens prescription to match the evolving needs of our eyes.

Remember, the cleanliness of our lenses directly impacts the clarity of our vision. We encourage everyone to be proactive in their eye care routines and to consult with eye care professionals for the best results.

At Fresh Lens, we know clear vision is not just a desire. With the right information and care, it's entirely attainable. Why wait? Explore our range of products and resources today, and take the first step towards impeccable vision.

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