scleral contacts for dry eyes

Scleral Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

scleral contacts for dry eyes

Are you tired of dry, irritated eyes? Scleral contact lenses for dry eyes can help! Their size, fit, and ability to retain moisture make them an excellent solution for those seeking relief from dry eye symptoms.

In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of these unique lenses, how they work, and why they could be the perfect fit for you.ย 

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How Do Scleral Lenses Remedy Dry Eyes?

The unique design of these hydrating contact lenses, which cover the entire corneal surface and rest on the white part of the eye, create a tear-filled cushion that moistens your eyes, providing relief, retaining moisture and improving vision.

This design is particularly beneficial for those with dry eye syndrome.

This condition refers to cases where the eyes cannot produce sufficient lubrication. This could be due to a lack of tear production, or producing tears of poor quality. This can lead to irritation, inflammation, and potential damage to the eye's surface.

Designed to alleviate these symptoms, scleral contact lenses offer an effective treatment for dry eyes. Larger than traditional contact lenses, they are custom-fitted for each individual to ensure comfort and optimal function, i.e., enhanced oxygenation.

Why is this important? A lack of oxygen can reduce tear production. This is where scleral lenses come in.

Made from gas-permeable material, they allow oxygen to pass through the lens, providing a much-needed continuous supply of oxygen to the cornea.

How Do Scleral Contact Lenses Work?

Unlike conventional daily contacts, scleral lenses have a larger diameter. This feature allows them to vault over the cornea without touching it. The lenses have a reservoir, which the wearer fills with hydrating fluid anew each time they are inserted.

scleral contact lenses for dry eyes

This baths the eye in fresh solution, providing the necessary moisture. This unique design minimizes irritation and helps to reduce dryness, with the added benefit of covering a more extensive portion of the eye's surface, acting as a shield against external irritants.

Scleral lenses are particularly beneficial for individuals with irregular corneas or chronic dry eyes. In our experience, they are an option that can bring much-needed hydration and relief.

scleral contacts recommended for dry eyes

Tips for Getting the Most From Scleral Lenses

As mentioned, scleral lenses can be a game-changer for people who suffer from dry eyes. It's worth noting that they require proper care and handling, just like other popular options such as Clariti One-Day contacts or Bio True contacts.

scleral contact lenses suitable for dry eyes

Here are two key factors to consider to ensure maximum benefit:

Proper Fitting

A snug fit is essential for all contact lenses, whether you're wearing scleral lenses, Bausch and Lomb Infuse contacts, or any other type.

are scleral contacts good for dry eyes

Embrace The Comfort

Give yourself time to adjust to the new feeling of comfort and hydration. Suppose you've previously worn non-prescription colored contacts or Freshlook contact lenses.

do scleral contact lenses help with dry eyes

Give yourself time to adapt. Adjusting to a fresh set of scleral lenses can take on average, up to two weeks. The cushioning effect of scleral lenses can provide a unique and satisfying experience.

using scleral contacts for dry eye relief

Hygiene And Usage

Make sure to wash your hands prior to handling the lenses. Unwashed hands could transfer germs and bacteria to the scleral lenses and your eyes, potentially causing an infection.

After use, remove any microorganisms and debris from the lenses. This can be achieved by rubbing the lenses thoroughly once removed. This should be followed up by rinsing with saline solution.

And remember to store your lenses properly.

benefits of scleral contacts for dry eyes


Based on our research and experience, scleral contact lenses for dry eyes are more than just a trend; they're a practical solution for many.

We found that with proper care, these lenses can significantly improve the quality of life for those with dry eyes.

Fresh Lens has been supplying these and other leading contact lens brands for over 20 years. We aim to bring you the best in the industry at unbeatable prices. Let's find the perfect lens for you!

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